There are countless reasons why small businesses should be on social media, here are our top 8!



Branding is so important for small business!  You want your business to be recognizable and there is no better way than social media. Every time you pop up in someone’s feed you are imprinting on their mind!


Social media gives you a real time account of your reputation and alerts you to problems promptly (and enables you to fix them).  You can see what people are saying about your business (good and bad).  It’s like eavesdropping, without having to lean close to their table!

Expertisesmall business social media

By utilising social media and forums or message boards,  you can establish yourself as an expert in your field by actively participating and provide high quality information. This gives potential clients the opportunity to learn more about your business and what you do.


Social media and online reviews allows people to give honest feedback about you and your product.  Consistent positive reviews can indicate that you are trustworthy and reliable brand.  Plus, people are more inclined to buy something that is recommended by their family and friends.


Social media allows you to monitor your competition but also lets you compete with larger companies.  Traditional advertising might be well out of the reach of your business but online advertising allows you to get your name in front of people without spending the big bucks!


Like, we just said social media advertising is cheaper than traditional advertising and allows you to tailor to your specific audience.


Having a social media presence across a number of platforms, as well as your website, makes your business easier for people to find. Plus your social media can link back to your website and enable you to direct more traffic to your site.


Social media gives you the opportunity to show the personality of your business or service, which can make you more appealing to your potential clients/ buyers.


Now that you have read this, are you thinking it is time to embrace social media for your small business?

Don’t jump in blindly.  It is important to have a strategy for social media that outlines aspects such as what you are going to post, how often, what it’s going to look like and of course, why are you on social media.  Is it to generate web traffic, educate people or increase product sales.  If that all sounds overwhelming, don’t worry.  We can assist you, whether it be developing a strategy for you, auditing your existing social media, or handling all of your accounts and content.

Check out our social media services here or contact us today to get started.


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