Lemon and Lime Business Solutions was born out of a desire to create a work – life balance for it’s founder Alex Hammett, and whilst doing so, making the work part be focussed on all of the things we love to do!  Joining Alex from time to time is her husband and business partner, David.  

This is Alex’s story.

From grade three, Alex was convinced she was going to be a marine biologist. So when university came around, it was straight into a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Environmental Biology. But in a moment of smarts, she realised that whilst she might love the environment, it wasn’t likely that she would spend the rest of her days swanning around beaches, counting penguins, swimming with turtles and saving the planet, so she took on a second degree in Media and Communications.

Fast forward 15 years and Alex has had a very successful career in the environmental sector. In this time, Alex has pretty much done it all; press releases and speech writing, website development and maintenance, event planning, communications, social media, administration, project management,  program development  and so more. With excellent skills and experience in communications, and a genuine love for it – the idea of Lemon and Lime Business Solutions was born.

Working alongside Alex is her husband and business partner, David, who has a Masters in Business Administration, 16 years experience in the travel industry, and a love for photography!

The aim of Lemon and Lime Business Solutions is to add zest to your business;

  • by giving you back the freedom to focus on your core role.
  • let you get back to being passionate about your business and not get bogged down in all of the extra stuff.
  • and to be a breath of fresh air that helps you to achieve big things, and dream up new ideas!

Lastly, in case you were wondering where the name came from…..well, we thought long and hard about the name for the business as we wanted something that summed up the heart of the business – which is adding something to your business! And then it hit us, what do you add to so many things – lemon and lime! Think about it – you can use lime juice to lighten your hair, or a lemon to clean your microwave, and of course, no stir-fry would be complete without a squeeze of lemon juice or soda with a dash of lime! So that is where the name came from!

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